Database Application Generator is a Developer Tool that enables you to create a data model through a User Interface and Generate SQL, Data Access & User Interface Code. 

It is in Forever Beta Stage so it may not work perfectly 100%. Any feedback is appreciated.  

The supported platforms for the current moment are:

SQL data definition. SQL data manipulation is created as a part of the programming code. Currently the application supports MySQL. More databases will come when needed.
Standard Java This means Java Beans classes, JDBC access code(insert, update, delete, select), JSP pages that exposes the JDBC access code to the web
Standard Java + Google Web Toolkit. GWT Models, GWT UI code, GWT Service code (back-end & front-end)
Vaadin Framework
Spring Framework
Android - Java & Kotlin, Room & GreenDao Frameworks
Early alpha for Xamarin, Swift Core & Swift FMDb
If you wish the application to generate some specific stuff, you could write to me to

Versions and builds that do the logic of the generator - without any coding from your site are available for Android & Flutter Web. It may be not working at some times since I'm changing stuff very often. My latest work using the Generator's Core to produce Profile apps is in the works.