Stuff Organizer by Program Tom Ltd
Enter your places, the stuff you keep in those places and after some time - if you need some of your... Read More
Car Market by Program Tom Ltd
a place to buy or sell a car
Job Market CMS by Program Tom Ltd
Place to enter if you search or offer job positions or offerings. They will  be grouped by a tree of... Read More
Personal Opinion by Program Tom Ltd
An app for sharing personal opinions about stuff - just like every other social media.
E-Market Place by Program Tom Ltd
A Place on the Internet that is Mediator - between the people trying to sell something and people tr... Read More
Simple E-Chat by Program Tom Ltd
Simple App for short, simple currently only 1:1 communication. It is not indended to replace the big... Read More
Corona Symptoms Questionnaire by Toma Velev
If you fear the currently popular virus and you are not 100% percent healthy - check your status - w... Read More
Инструмент за генериране на Служебни бел... by Toma Velev
Инструмент за служителите на фирми, които имат задачата да издават бележките - необходими за премина... Read More
Изчисляване на болнични и майчински обез... by Program Tom Ltd
Таблица за изчислване на болничните и майчинските обезщетения на база ма месечния доход от последнит... Read More
Online To-Dos by Program Tom Ltd
To-Dos stored online accessed with a Browser or Android Application after successful login. 
P.S. Th... Read More
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